“Estonian Winner 2019” registration lasts until 16.05.2019

Prices for all participants: 26.04.2019-16.05.2019: dog, veteran 68 €, baby puppies, puppies 35 € (only by e-mail or through online system)

Estonian Hounds – free of charge.

Breeders’ and Progeny Class– free of charge.

Brace Competition and Junior Handling – entry fee 13 €

Registration to “Estonian Winner 2019” with second price ends 25.04.2019

Entry to the FCI VIII & IX 3.-4.08.2019 group shows are now open

Info : Tartu Spanjeliklubi

Live show from ” Tallinn Winner 2019″ starting 15 :00


Show catalogue for “Tallinn Winner 2019”

Show Catalogue for “Tallinn Winner 2019”

Entry to the International Dog Shows 17.08.2019 & 18.08.2019 are now open


Entry form

“Tallinn Winner 2019”



Registration to the International Dog Show “Estonian Winner 2019” has ended

More information

Entry form

Entry to I, II and IX group show 31.05.2019 is open

More information – Inglise buldogide ja kääbusmolosside Eesti TÜ 

Entry to Christmas Show is prolonged

First price is valid till 23.11.2018 and special price is valid 24.-28.11.2018.

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